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About Russ Powell



Russ Powell is a 20-year learning-industry veteran who helps mid-sized and large businesses create effective and affordable professional training programs that help bring their employees to the next level.

His programs help business leaders:

  1. Reduce high rates of turnover

  2. Decrease warranty costs associated with products

  3. Maintain quality and profitability during rapid growth

  4. Expand markets

  5. Regain customers lost to competition

  6. Increase employee productivity

Russ works with directors, managers, and business owners to analyze workforce performance problems and build systems that solve those problems.

He is particularly skilled at working with accomplished performers (e.g., experts in the field) to document how they do what they do. That documentation is often used in job-aids, training programs (web-based and/or instructor-led), manuals, or to address industry compliance needs.

Why Choose Russ for Your Next Training Project?

Business leaders tend to choose to use Russ on their workforce performance improvement projects for three main reasons:

  1. 1.Experience combined with a commitment to quality - He provides world-class, award-winning products backed by two decades of experience.

  2. 2.A focus on business results - He has "real world" experience in business, and strives to connect the results of his projects to changes in behavior and impact to the bottom line.

  3. 3.A solid professional network - Russ has access to a deep and broad network of thought-leaders and industry professionals who can be called upon to provide informal input and feedback on projects. He knows the right people to call if additional resources are required.

One of Russ’ previous clients described his work this way: "Russ has both a highly disciplined approached to design and a learner-centered approach to facilitation. The combination of these traits differentiate him from many in this field. As his client I was always confident he would produce as promised."

Russ’ Specialties

Russ Powell’s specialties include the following:

  1. performance-based instructional design

  2. eLearning project management

  3. virtual instructor development/coaching (vILT)

  4. facilitation of face-to-face and online training programs

  5. design and development of instructional videos and podcasts

  6. evaluation of eLearning programs

  7. business process documentation

  8. job- and task-analysis

  9. sales training

  10. training needs analysis

  11. the design and development of training

  12. train-the-trainer programs

  13. evaluation of training

  14. eLearning game design

A Word about Juggling

Russ is also an avid juggler and for a

time in graduate school earned his

living as a professional busker. He runs

a local juggling club; is often hired to

speak about juggling; and teaches

juggling skills to large and small groups

around the world. One estimate suggests

that he’s been influential in teaching

over 10,000 people how to juggle!

For More

For more information on working with Russ, explore this site and contact him to discuss your needs.

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  2. Industry awards and recognition - Awards and recognition he has received

  3. Recommendations - Praise for Russ’ work from clients and employers

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